Organic, creative, handcrafted teas and herbal blends

About Calycosa November 22, 2009

Calycosa was created when I believed that I had found a way to savor the sacred moments of the everyday while making conscious, healthy
decisions for myself and the world around me.  I wanted to share this.  I imagined that if I could share my product with the public, I could share
my passion for living in ways that honor the life in us and around us.  Calycosa is my belief that our simple everyday choices can make a difference.

Calycosa  provides organic, creative, handcrafted teas and herbal blends.  I am currently offering 4 teas in my signature line, a few rotating seasonal blends and a mothercare line.   My hope is to create delicious blends that help one gracefully navigate and appreciate their own seasons and the ones that occur around them.

My goal is to make the practice of the business and the product as organic as possible.  I carefully select teas and herbs that were grown with care for the plant, the worker and the environment. In the rare case where an organic source of a herb is not available, we carefully select a wild crafted herb.  I strive to make all of our business decisions with the same careful selection.  I recognize that business is an opportunity to have a voice coupled with the responsibility to use that voice wisely. I am always looking for ways to support what I believe in while influencing the changes I want to see.  Please feel free to offer your suggestions on this path.





Calycosa Tea Company
Organic, Creative, Handcrafted
Teas and Herbal Blends

Bend, Oregon
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